Thursday, December 16, 2010

ANAIS EVENT: Nita + Manu {Shagun Ceremony}

The Shagun ceremony is the official punjabi engagement and serves as a blessing event where the bride's family welcomes the groom into their family. In the old days, this particular pre-wedding event was held at the groom’s home and attended only by male relatives of the bride's family. These days however, banquet facilities are popular and more convenient to host a larger audience.
An ardas or puja (prayer) is performed before starting the ceremony. This is followed by bride’s father applying tilak (paste made of kesar, rice grains and flower petals) on the groom's forehead. All of the bride's family and friends also bless the groom by offering him sweets and gifts.

Photography credit: Denise Neufeld; Event Design: Anais Event Planning and Design.

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