Thursday, December 16, 2010

ANAIS EVENT: Nita + Manu {Sangeet & Jago}

The Sangeet and Jago are informal pre-wedding celebrations at punjabi weddings but probably the most fun and colorful events! This event provides a chance for the family to sing songs, eat, drink and dance the night away. During the celebration, relatives and friends play the dholki and sing ghoriyan, which are traditional folk songs.

This is one enviable feature of Punjabi weddings that has all the relatives and friends of the family rejoicing and joining in to add color to the occasion. All are invited in this evening of jubilation, regarless of age and gender. Jago is traditionally performed by the maternal side of the groom’s or bride’s family. Literally, jago means "wake up!". When there’s a wedding in the family, women of the host family dance through the streets carrying a pot (gaggar) decorated with lit candles and singing jago songs to wake the neighbors and invite them to join the celebrations!
The evening started with Nita's maternal aunts carrying the jago while all the rest of maternal guests sang. Eventually, the jago gets passed to other maternal relatives and possibly to paternal relatives while a lot of friendly teasing ensues amongst the ladies. 

Photography credit: Denise Neufeld; Event Design: Anais Event Planning and Design; Bride's sari: custom designed in India.

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