Thursday, December 16, 2010

ANAIS EVENT: Nita + Manu {Chunni Ceremony}

At the Chunni ceremony, the Groom's family officially welcomes the Bride into their family. Historically, the Groom's family would visit the Bride's home (on a separate day than the Shagun ceremony involving the Groom). They present the Bride with clothes to wear for the ceremony. This traditionally would be an ornate punjabi suit (tunic and pants) but lately brides are opting for saris, lehngas, etc. but always in wedding-auspicious colors such as pink, red etc.

Nita and Manu exchanged their engagement rings prior to the Chunni ritual. This blessing ritual involves the bride's future mother-in-law gifting jewelery and placing a matching chunni (dupatta or scarf) on the bride's head  to signify acceptance into the family. Following this ritual, the bride is fed sweets by all the relatives and friends present at the time.

Photography: Denise Neufeld; Event Design: Anais Event Planning and Design; Bride's hair and makeup: Rukhsana Qumar;  Henna: Neeta Sharma; Bride's sari: custom designed from India.

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