Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Family Photos

They are inevitable, and everyone needs to do them. There is a right and a wrong way to do them - a quick and easy way, and a long, tedious and painful way.

Don’t do pictures in front of all your guests. Why? Because this leads to them taking much longer, because “Aunty Pammi didn’t get the shot” . They also have flashes, which then in return can mess up your professional photographer's job. They are also extremely distracting. That same Aunty might also try and reposition you to her liking or “I just need to steal them for one minute”. That one minute adds up quickly when you have 300+ guests. (to avoid this, go into a separate room while the guests leave, that way they don’t try and find you, because they will!).

Do your photos at the ceremony location, or around that location. This will ensure you don’t spend time on travel and this way people do not get lost in transit – which causes more delays and happens more often than you think.

Don’t do these photos in a busy part of the city. Again it will cause delays, issues with parking, and lost folks.

Do give your photographer a list of names of “important” people so they know who to call out. If there are must have combinations, give that to the photographer in advance so they can plan accordingly. It helps to nominate a family member/friend to coordinate this as they might be easily able to differentiate the Goyals from the Sethis.

Do ensure that everyone you want in pictures knows, prior to the wedding when and where they have to be there so they are not mingling – which delays photos even more.

Do have someone designate to “shoo off” guests, and wrangle the bridal party and parents. If you or the photographer do it, it, again, will take much longer.

Image credit: Lauren Cohn Frankel

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