Thursday, April 1, 2010

Venue Coordinator vs Event/Wedding Coordinator

“Why do I need a coordinator. My venue will do everything, they come with a coordinator” – This is one of the largest misconceptions when it comes to Venue Coordinator (the one that is at/comes with your venue) vs. hiring an independent Event/Wedding Coordinator.

These are two very different kinds of coordinators. Very simply put, a wedding coordinator’s client is you; a venue coordinator’s client is the location. A wedding planner’s interests lie with the client (YOU) while a venue coordinator’s interest lie with the venue.

A venue coordinator may assist with putting out linens or perhaps a room layout or even give you a list of the vendors that have been to those facilities before. However, most venues come with a coordinator. Most venues also have high turnover and multiple weddings in a day, which means you aren’t their only concern that day and you will potentially be working with a few ‘coordinators’. With multiple weddings, they aren’t in your room the whole time ensuring that guests aren’t raiding the sweet buffet before dinner! Once food is served they usually disappear. This doesn’t offer much support later on when you can’t find your toss bouquet or the DJ/MC decides to take a cigarette break just before announcing dinner!

A venue coordinator is there to coordinate anything that relates to the venue; where as a wedding planner is there to coordinate anything that relates to your wedding.

Both a wedding coordinator and venue coordinator are very important, but they also play very different roles, which may overlap in a few places concerning the reception décor or set up. But that’s usually where the similarities end.

A Venue Coordinator will:
-create a floor plan
-create a menu, and attending the tasting
-set out décor items you brought the night before
-ensure a grand entrance into the reception room
-be on site to handle site-related issues

A Wedding Coordinator will (at a minimum):
-assemble a master timeline and ensure it is carried out
-reviews contracts, ensure contracts are carried out
-have contracts on hand and previous emails to back up what vendors have said they will do for you
-ensure vendors/VIPs arrive and know what to do
-direct; assist guests at the ceremony and reception
-ensure that your priest has all the ceremony materials
-ensure that the marriage certificate is in place
-work with you to set up your rehearsal, direct if necessary
-liase between family/cake/dj/photographer/other vendors
-line up and cue the bridal party; musicians
-attend to any needs of the bride; bridal party
-set out any personal items (guestbook, cake knife/server etc.) at the reception; ceremony and then collect any personal items for you at the end of the event.

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