Monday, March 29, 2010

How to avoid issues with vendors.....and be happy on your big day!

There are many different issues that can arise when hiring and trying to control several different vendors. From miscommunications to intentional misses, here are a few tips to avoiding these issues.
  1. Pretty obvious, hire a wedding coordinator/planner (at the very least for day of coordination) they know where vendors may stray or miss and will see it BEFORE you do....allowing for you to enjoy your day!
  2. Value their time. Find out early on about exactly how many meetings and consultations are allowed within your contract. Extend the same courtesy for phone calls. I like it when clients schedule a time via email for us to chat. This shows me that you respect me and my time so I will prepare for the call and give you my undivided attention.
  3. Have absolutely EVERYTHING in writing. Friend or no friend, every little detail must be in writing. If you don’t get it in writing don’t expect it to happen. Avoid using verbal discussions, instead utilize email communication to confirm/memorialize details. There is a HUGE risk of misinterpretations if you rely solely on verbal communication with your vendors.
  4. Communicate with your vendors. Plain and simple, if you don’t tell or ask them, they don’t know. Provide them with a detailed schedule – or hire a planner to do this.
  5. Ensure your vendors know who the other vendors are ahead of time. i.e your venue knows which cake company is brinking the cake.

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